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Local Day-Trips


Our home is about 25 east of St. Louis, near Scott Air Force Base, IL.  Although the roads in our area are mostly straight, there are endless miles of back-roads, county roads that run north-south and east-west through the Illinois farmlands.  Though not technically demanding, these roads pass through areas that take you back in time 30-40 years, if not more.  The pace is a little slower off the beaten path, and other drivers give you a little wave as you pass. 


When I have more time (1/2 day or more), I like to travel south for an hour to Chester, IL (home of Popeye), and cross the Mississippi River into Missouri.  This area, located about an hour south of St. Louis, is known as Arcadia Valley and the Mark Twain Forest.  Here, the roads get interesting.  Winding through hills and forests, the 2-lane roads remind me of some parts of West Virginia -- minus the mountains, of course. 


Sit back and enjoy the pictures!





One of the more scenic drives in the local area is the Bluff Road.  This road follows the Mississippi south from Columbia, IL to Chester.   There is also a levee running parallel to the road that has a gravel "road" on it.  It's narrow enough that 2 cars approaching each other have to slow down and edge off the road a little to pass. 



Bluff Rd Levy 022 sm

Bluff Road - 8 Miles south of Columbia, IL



NOV06 015 sm

Another Bluff Road view.




Bluff Rd Levy 004 sm

Levee road - near Valmeyer IL.  This levee runs appx 50 miles

 from Columbia south to Chester.





Chester IL, Home of Popeye (see next 2 pictures)



004 Popeye statue sm

 This Popeye statue is located on the east end of the

 Mississippi River bridge in Illinois.

(Read the plaque on the next picture)



005 Popeye sign sm

Plaque on the Popeye statue. 





WIS TG04 044 sm

One of the endless county roads near our home. 

(The good ol' Honda Nighthawk)



sm White Church 009

One of the county roads was named "White Church Road".  I decided to check

 it out and this is what I found about 5 miles later.  Surprised? 



sm 001

Spencer and I were out exploring the back roads on the Nighthawk.



Small 020

One of the big events here is Ted's Motorcycle Rally, held in Alton IL each summer.  Thousands of bikers come to look at other bikes and eat good food. 








DL 012

About 7 miles south of Perryville, County Road "J" turns off of Rt 52.

It is 18 miles of pure fun!




DL 014

MO County Road "J"




More of "J"



DL 041

At the end of CR "J", we head north a few miles

 and loop back to Perryville on CR "T".



Sep06 020

Here's my neighbor Paul burning up a nice curve on CR "T".




23May06 MO 003

I believe this was taken on County Road "C",

 about 8 miles east of Annapolis MO.

Nice, peaceful river with guys fishing down below.



Strom Arch Jan06 005sm

Where else could this be?

St. Louis Gateway Arch



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